Our projects

With our extensive expertise, we are represented in a wide variety of areas, such as IT security, risk & compliance, auditing and more.

SMT is an innovative tool for collecting and maintaining all security-related information and processes.
Based on any security standards such as ISO 27,000, company security guidelines and compliance policies can be easily integrated and security-relevant aspects can be communicated throughout the entire organization.
SMT also represents a secure basis for further security certifications.

Tracking of customer relationships and asset transformations as part of M&A and compliance initiatives.

The automation of rights and access management is an essential aspect of the IT security architecture. Our Identity & Access Management System iProIAM helps you meet compliance requirements and reduces the number of IT tickets and manual tasks.
This makes the entry and exit processes of employees much easier. User rights can be managed directly by cost center managers and of course by their users themselves. This is subject to comprehensible approval processes and the possibility of being informed about the rights situation at any time.

The world's most innovative solution in the area of credit risk control offers unique risk management with innovative technologies (AI)
For our partner company, we developed the most innovative audit system in the world - SEPIA - based on modern AI components, mobile technologies and audit process technologies.
A revolutionary new approach to risk management and the ability to make better use of information using new analysis methods were the basis for the SEPIA system.
SEPIA is now used in EMEA, is available in 26 languages and helps our customers secure mobile assets worth over 15,000 million euros.

ILOGS supports a global financial services provider in the area of DevOps. With several applications in the banking sector, there are particularly high demands in the area of automation and software development life cycle.
Our professional service team supports the operational end-to-end processes of software development - from requirements analysis to commissioning the software and ensures that all necessary processes and tools flow reliably into one another.
We at ILOGS have more than 15 years of experience and support you with tools such as Jira and Confluence from Atlassian to Gitlab.

In today's fast-paced world, efficient time and task management is the key to success. mona offers you an intuitive platform that allows you to effortlessly organize, track and optimize your projects and daily tasks.

Smart Construction Project management system concept, Engineer using a digital tablet on a construction site.