Who are we?

Our specialized software applications help companies design and digitize their business processes.
In a world where your customers and employees also expect convincing digital interaction and agility, efficiency and performance are the key to transforming your business processes. Developing these together with you is in our DNA.

Our employees work with customers to develop tailor-made solutions that make a significant contribution to achieving business goals. When developing our digital solutions, we attach great importance to consistent design, innovative technology and security. The focus is on technological competence, innovation, safety and efficiency. We rely on the optimal combination of established standard products and in-house developments based on modern standards. Of course, this is under the premise of reliably adhering to cost and time frames.


We support our customers in digitalizing their business processes - efficiently and future-proof.

Innovative technologies

With our expertise in designing and developing innovative software solutions, we help you open up new business areas and implement long-term, viable solutions. Using modern technologies and methods, the seamless digitalization and continuous improvement of business processes becomes the key to your success.

Agile and rapid implementation of the IT strategy

Die optimale Lösung erzielen – unser umfassendes Erfahrungs- und Technologieportfolio unterstützt Sie bei der Umsetzung Ihrer Vorhaben. Gemeinsam definieren wir mit Ihnen die Architektur- und Umsetzungsstrategie und legen Wert auf zukunftsorientierte und stabile Partnerschaft.


Our professional service team supports the operational end-to-end processes of software development, from requirements analysis to commissioning the software, and ensures that all necessary processes and tools flow reliably into one another.


We offer a wide range of services including troubleshooting, regular maintenance, updates and security checks. We attach great importance to responding quickly and efficiently to your needs.


You can find an excerpt from our area of responsibility here

SMT provides a holistic view of the company's security architecture.

Security Management

Tracking of customer relationships and asset transformations as part of M&A and compliance initiatives.

Asset & Client Tracking

Manage identities and access rights GDPR-compliant and efficiently.

Identity & Access Management

An innovative audit system in the area of ​​credit risk control.

SEPIA - Audit & Inspection

Seamless integration of all IT development activities and transparent processes.


Your personalized task management solution.

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mona field force

With our extensive expertise, we are represented in a wide variety of areas such as IT security, risk & compliance, auditing, etc.